Sometimes Traffic is so Relaxing

It is a good morning and you are too busy getting ready for work. And your wife is running around at home, catering to your needs from packing your lunch to saying goodbye when you leave home blissfully. And now you are ready to start your vehicle. You plan to take the usual route to the office. Guess what? On the way to your office, now you are stuck in the traffic jam. You did not expect to wait for long. And you may be feeling impatient waiting in traffic. Is your mind prepared to anticipate the wait?

What are the ways you can enjoy while you are stuck in the traffic jam?

1. Smile Please

You know it is hard to smile when you are running late to the office. But practice smiling as it makes you more comfortable. You are getting rid of stress and anxiety.

2. Click a pic of the traffic jam by just sitting in your car

Does it sound strange for you? If you are the one who likes photography, you will enjoy clicking a photo of the traffic. Basically, you are trying to keep calm and release stress.

3. Prepare To-Do Lists for the day

Pen down what you are supposed to do during the day. By doing so, you are mentally prepared to face the day without any hassle.

4. Call someone whom you like to talk

Think before you talk so that your mind is slowly shifting from the stressful situation. Talking over the phone seems to be a simplistic solution. But, it releases your tension and your muscles can relax a bit. You will feel better mentally.

5. Update your Facebook page

Post an update of your current situation in the Facebook and see the emotional comments pouring in.

6. Meditate

If you are not a techie person, all you can do is meditate and be mindful of the situation around you. Before you reach the office, your mind will be all set to feel comfortable and stress-free.

These are very enjoyable activities where you can relax while you are stuck in the traffic. But, this is your own choice.

Sometimes traffic is relaxing. Do you agree now?

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