Speed Thrills And Kills

With the growing era of technology, vehicles have engines that are more sophisticated than ever. There has also been an immense improvement in safety standard inbuilt the cars. But, no matter how sophisticated the safety standards be, the operation of the car decides the eventuality. The major causes of speeding involved according to study are:

  • Alcohol: It is the major threat to road safety. Alcohol slows down the reaction time and impairs the responses to surroundings. It also develops aggression that is hazardous to safety.
  • Emotions: it is sometimes that an imbalanced emotional state and an upset mind takes rash decisions behind the wheel. Do not let the emotions drive.
  • Racing: The thrill of racing and speed sounds fun but it is risking your life to the thrill.

The government has taken initiatives to curb road accidents by implementing laws and gripping onto the laws tighter. There have been speed limits assigned for different roads. The traffic police in most cities have speed cams and testers, any violation attracts fines and penalties. There are also alcohol tests conducted by the police at nights. But, the safety of one is always in one’s own hands. Safe drives, Save Lives.

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