Speeding Vs Stopping Distance – Defensive Driving

Speed thrills! It sure does, but it has a flip side too, over speeding may result in fatal accidents. A survey shows that over speeding is the primary cause of 25% fatal accidents every year.

The number of traffic violation, violating the speed limits has been on the rise year on year, even in school zones, is a cause of serious concern.

Well, it is simple, when you drive faster your ability to react quickly to an emergency become less, and in case of an accident the high speed results in higher impact, damage. You may have a cat, dog or something else appear before you on the road suddenly, out of nowhere and if you are over speeding, your vehicle needs a certain time to stop from the time you apply breaks. Consequently, you might end up hitting that person or pet, unfortunately.

Defensive Driving is the Key to Safety on Roads:
On the other hand, defensive driving helps you enjoy the thrill of driving and keeping others on the road safe. Defensive driving requires an understanding of the speeding and stopping distances.

According to experts, a driver requires 1.5 seconds to react to a sudden incident. Well, if you are over speeding it may take even longer time. For example, driving at 40 m/hr you may require 1.5 seconds to identify the incident, apply the brakes and stop the car; however, when you speeding at 100 m/hr you will require even more time, 3-4 seconds possibly, to react and stop the car.

Defensive driving on the other hand helps you stay alert, keep the speed under controllable limits, and observe the situation closely. By practicing defensive driving, you understand the time you require to react to a sudden event and the time you require to stop the vehicle by applying brakes to escape without causing causalities to self or others.

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