Stay Dry in Rainy Days

The season of unpredictable weather is here. You never know when the clear sky and scorching heat turn into clouds and heavy downpour. So, you must always be prepared for rain and if you get stuck in heavy rain and winds, follow the guidelines given below for a safe drive-

  1. Slow down- If you are driving in rain, the first thing to do is to slow down. This will help you think better and watch out for the road and traffic ahead.
  2. Turn on headlights- It is obvious that there is no sun during rain; turn your headlights on so that the other drivers are forewarned. Do not use upper beam as it distracts the driver coming from the other side.
  3. Maintain distance- Keep a little extra distance from the vehicles around you in rain or wind. This makes sure you and they have enough space and time to brake or turn, and avoid collision in case someone loses control.
  4. Stay adamant- Hold the wheel tightly in the 10 and 2 o’clock position to ensure strong grip.
  5. Watch out for larger vehicles- Larger vehicles can cause serious damage if they skid due to wet road or strong winds. Try to drive as far from them as possible.
  6. Brake judiciously- Always brake earlier and softly in rain. If you brake hard suddenly, the car might skid and lose control.
  7. Beware of puddles- Do not drive through still or running water on the road. You might not know how deep it is and end up getting your car stuck.
  8. Stop- If you think the rain is too heavy and you cannot drive, look for a good spot to stop and wait till the rain is over.

Driving in the rain is very uncertain. So, follow these tips to be certain of your safety.


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