Steps to get a duplicate driving license through driving schools

Driving license is a must for any driver. It not only allows a driver to drive on the road but also acts as an identity proof for the driver. But there are times when the driving license gets lost or stolen or damaged. And the driver has to go through all the hassle to get a duplicate driving license. But with driving School in Bangalore, the driver can get a duplicate driving license without any hassle; in fact, the driver will get the driving license at the doorstep. The person would not have to worry about all the processes of RTO.

Required documents

In case of missing driving license and applying for a duplicate, some documents are required to be submitted such as:

  • Application form for loss of driving license (LLD).
  • Original license- if it is not lost or stolen and is just destroyed or torn or damaged.
  • An FIR or first instance report of about the license.
  • Photocopies of original driving license if it is lost or unavailable.
  • Recent photographs of the driver- passport size.
  • Driving license details.
  • Address proof of the driver for reference.
  • Document proof for age.

Procedures to get a duplicate driving license

  • The applicant applying for lost DL will have to submit all required documents offline or online to the representative of any good driving School booking portal in Bangalore.
  • The next thing the driver has to do is pay the charges of the driving school.
  • After that, the applicant can meet the representative of the driving school to go to the RTO.
  • The applicant will have to go as he/she will be asked to give a biometric test for completion of the process for getting duplicate DL.

These were all the process for getting a duplicate DL. After this, the duplicate DL will be provided to the applicant at the doorstep by a representative of a driving school. Choosing a good Driving Schools in ITPL is important.

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