Steps To Take If You Are Injured In Car Accident

With about 100,000 fatalities resulting from road accidents, mostly resulting from not following safe driving rules on road, annually, India stands at 11th position, according to a report. The report also states that a victim of road accident occupies every tenth bed at a hospital. Such accidents cost about 550 crore rupees or about US $ 12.5 billion annually. These statistics shows that the chances of being involved in a road accident is high, unless you adhere to road safety while driving, however, if you are involved in an accident you should have knowledge of the steps to take immediately.

Minor accidents such as touching vehicle lightly from behind or hitting the side mirrors or doors do not constitute accidents and both parties may ignore such incidents. However, serious accidents that cause injuries to death require lot of work, it is suggested that you follow all traffic rules and drive safely to avoid accidents. These accidents at times are spine chilling, but you need to maintain calm, and not lose your nerve to limit the damage.

Check for Safety

In case of accidents, your first priority should be contact a doctor, even though you may not see any visible injuries initially, you may still experience symptoms such as pain, discomfort, dizziness in the day after accident. You should call emergency medical aid dialing 102, 108 based on your city you are in.

Exchange insurance information:

You will realize the importance of Insurance for your vehicle when involved in an accident, as insurance will cover the costs of hospitalization and any repair and renovation expenses for your accident-damaged vehicle. Ask for the details such as name, phone number, address, license plate numbers, vehicle registration information, insurance policy number, coverage, witness who can support you, etc. from the other party involved in the accident. In case that party does not have insurance coverage, you will have to estimate the cost of damage and negotiate with him for the same.

If the other party does not have an insurance and declines to settle your claim for damages you need to contact the local police station for investigation and resolution.

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