The Importance of Slowing Down at Intersections.

One should always slow down a bit when they are reaching intersections, one never knows what might happen. It is always best to be cautious behind the wheel, the lights could change or a pedestrian or cyclist could get hurt. One must be alert about the lights and move accordingly. There is also an ongoing traffic on the road and any carelessness could lead into a mishap.

The reasons to slow down at intersections would be:

  • Approach with Caution: When you are approaching an intersection and your light is green, you have right to the way. However, that wouldn’t stop the other drivers from running the stop light. Slowing down at intersections is an approach with caution at the road.
  • Safety First: We always put safety first when it comes to driving. One impulsive move can put the life of others at risk. Be alert and free from distractions because you never know what may happen at an intersection as there are plenty of blind spots appearing at a speed on intersections which may lead to a road mishap.
  • Slowing down at intersections gives you time to read and analyze the traffic movement and the road conditions and plan accordingly to react. If there is a vehicle approaching from the other street you have time to plan and avert the possibility of an injury and vehicular damage.

You only have control over yourself. Take control of your own safety by being cautious and driving defensively. Anticipate your surroundings and plan accordingly. Your life could depend on it.


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