The Manufacturer of Safe Drivers!!

“We don’t want people to drive instead we want them to drive safely – Sridhar”

Sridhar – Managing Director & Prinipal of Sridhar Driving School

In 1973, its his father Mr.Megendra used to run a 2 wheeler service station in Bangalore with a deep passion for cars and vehicles. At that time, driving cars was inconceivable for most of the young people and there were not many credible driving schools either. Sridhar who happened to inherit the passion for driving from his father was just a 12 years kid who instead of playing with cars came up with an idea of starting driving school to train people with driving a car. So in 1975, when whole country was fascinated toward story of Jay-Veeru pair fighting with and Gabbar singh, Sridhar along with his  father started Sridhar Driving School with a mission of producing safe drivers. His initiative also came as sigh of relief for many who found it difficult to get driving license from single RTO located in Getti.

The main goal of Sridhar Driving School is to ensure that the students should be able to drive independently with a good road sense and to produce as much safe drivers on the roads as possible.

With regards to support from family he says “I was very young child when I started giving driving training. Driving cars is my passion, for me it is like meditation. I was very fortunate that my family was very supportive so it becomes little easier for me to deal with the challenges”. “I feel that challenges are the integral part of any business but how you look at it makes a lot of difference” he adds.  There were many challenges back on those days for Sridhar like maintaining a car was not that easy, the cost of maintaining car was also very high and most of the instructor themselves were lacking road sense. Sridhar also had to do a lot to educate people that if they didn’t learn well then they might get failed in DL test, initially they would put the blame upon him for failing in DL test. .

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One can imagine how many driving school could have been there in 1970s. Sridhar Driving School was one of the few driving schools in Bangalore those days who helped government authorities as well by providing quality driving training to their officers, bus drivers and so on. Sridhar Driving School also worked on government several welfare schemes. Things started to falling in place and then they got a project from government to train more than 2000 drivers every year. That was a point from where Sridhar never looked back.

Shridhar Driving School boasts of having a track record of producing more than 5000 safe drivers in over 35 years of operations.

“I feel extremely honored that we also have made a little contribution to make roads safer by giving safe drivers. I feel glad when I receive calls from the students thanking me because they did learned driving course with us, and this is something which is providing me an immense pleasure and also give me the strength and motivation to keep doing what I have been doing for many many years.


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