The Pre Long Drive Car Checklist

Planning to take a lot of road trips in 2018? There are many fantastic locations around Bangalore and Karnataka which offer a perfect setup for a long drive or weekend road trip. Before you start packing your bags and set out to the new adventure, it is important that you prepare your car for the journey as well. Drivekool brings to you the pre-road trip checklist to ensure a smooth ride.

1. Make sure the tyres are ready

The most common setback in road trip fun is a fat tyre. This is why it is important to get your tyres checked properly before you leave for a long trip. If the tyres are worn out, get them changed so that they do not create any problem on the way. If you are planning to visit a hilly or snowy area, getting new tyres for your car is a smart idea.

2. Check the lights and battery

Along with the tyres, make sure you get the headlights and battery inspected carefully, especially if your trip involves driving during dark hours. Depending on your destination and the route, get the air conditioning and heating system of your car serviced to ensure you do not have inconvenience on your journey.

3. Get it serviced a week before your trip

Even if you keep your vehicle with utmost care, it is a smart idea to take it to a trusted garage and get the parts serviced. Get the engine oil and coolant changed before you leave.

4. Keep spares and repair kit with tools

The primary rule for car trips is to pack light luggage and heavy spares. Create a checklist of all the spares you might need on the journey and pack them carefully. Having a spare tyre, a repair kit and tools will help you in case you get stranded on a distant road.

So get your bags and have a new adventure!

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