The Responsible Driver Test

Holding a driving license is not the end of work for a driver. It does not mean that you are permitted to drive as you please. It means that you are eligible to drive a vehicle while following all the traffic rules and regulations. But we often forget about the rules and regulations part. A driver is responsible for not just his own safety, but that of the others on the road. Before calling yourself a good driver, ask yourself the following questions

1. Do you follow all traffic rules?

Following traffic rules is the foremost duty of every driver. Always carry your license with you; put seatbelt if you’re driving a car and/or wear helmet while riding a bike or scooter. Sometimes when we are running late, we forsake the traffic rules and drive faster than the limit. Getting late is no excuse for breaking traffic rules. These rules are formed for our safety and must always be obeyed. Another growing caution today is drunk driving, which is almost certain death. Call someone to pick you up or get a taxi if you are drunk. Your negligence might result fatally for you or those around you.

2. Do you get your vehicle serviced regularly?

Your responsibility does not end even when you are not on the road. Maintaining your vehicle is very important. Get it serviced regularly and change lubricants whenever needed. Many road mishaps are caused due to problems in vehicles. Keep your vehicle well for safe, smooth rides.

3. Do you use cell phone while driving?

Using cell phone while driving is a major reason for accidents these days. All hell can break loose in the moment that you peep into your phone. Avoid any distractions like loud music while driving and keep your complete concentration on the road.

Ask yourself these questions the next time you call yourself a good driver.

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