The Summer Long Drive Checklist

Summer is the official season for road trips. There’s no school, the sun is out, the evenings are just the right amount of cool, and the nights are clear and starry. It sounds fun, but it can be a little troublesome for the drivers. Driving in summers is very difficult especially in the daytime. Not just that, your car has a hard time coping up with the weather too. Before you set out on your road trip, make sure to check the following points-

  1. Get your vehicle serviced– Get your vehicle an all over service before your trip. Check the brakes, the battery, horn and lights. Overheating can do serious damage to your car, so it is important to make sure your radiator is fine and get it filled with coolant liquid. Keep checking the coolant level at regular intervals when on the road.
  2. Check the tyre– When getting your tyre inflated, refer to the pressure prescribed by the manufacturer. Heat is your tyre’s enemy and can cause tyres to overinflate and burst. So, make sure your tyres are fine and inflated correctly. Always keep spare tyres when going on long trips.
  3. Stay cool– Do not refrain from using the air conditioner. Regulate the temperature according to your suiting to make sure everyone is fine. Carry enough drinks to keep yourself hydrated. Take extra care of children and elders. Never ever carry alcohol in the name of hydration.
  4. Take rest– Driving in the heat can be tough and exhausting. If you feel tired or unwell, rest and let someone else drive. It is better to rest at a hotel at night so that you are fresh and ready for driving next morning.

Summer may be good for trips, but it can be bad for your car. So, follow these tips to enjoy your road trip with your friends or family and have a great time.

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