Tips for First-time Bike Riders

Are you going to ride your bike for the first time? Have fun! It is important that you have all the safety measures before you ride your bike. When you are a new rider, there is a lot of information to take in.

Wear a helmet

Motorcycle helmets are designed for motorcycle riders to ensure desired protection while riding. So, find the right size and get a professional fitting at a store. Each brand has different sizing options and you will find a wide range of motorcycle helmets, but finding the right one is a great deal. Remember that your head gear should provide a snug fit to protect your head properly. If you are looking for most comprehensive protection, try full face or modular helmets.

Take a motorcycle riding course

Beginners can take up a basic rider course. You will find a wide array of driving schools in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Get yourself register with DriveKool and enjoy your bike riding course. The course not only focuses on riding but also teaches you the basics of operation and safety. And you will learn the controls. At the end of the course, you can take a test to receive your license.

Practice, Practice until you get perfect

Start the engine and begin to ride. Look where you want to go. When you are approaching corners, you should look through the corner, not down at the ground. And look for road hazards to avoid. What you can control is how you ride. Pay attention before and at every single intersection. Adjust your mirrors before you start moving.

Pre-ride Inspection

It is wise to do a pre-ride inspection. Examine the important parts of your bike before you ride your motorcycle. Know your fuel capacity and check your tire pressure. Rain or shine, pick footwear with great traction. It lets you not slip or slide but will make you feel comfortable.

Overcome a fear of riding motorcycle. Start with a short trip!

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