Top 3 ways to end up in Road Accidents

The roads are very dangerous today in our country because we help make them that way. Almost all of us take road safety for granted once or the other, and that once is enough to cause irreversible damage to many people. With the increasing number of vehicles by the day in our country, our road safety sense is depleting. These are some of the common mistakes many people commit every day that risk their lives, and of those around.

1. Over-speeding and Careless driving

We often find ourselves running late for an important meeting at the office, or the new superhero movie. In such time, we decide to drive a little faster than advised and cover up a few minutes. Why do we forget that there is a good chance we might not reach there at all? Over-speeding, jumping traffic lights and disobeying traffic rules seem puny, but they might just end being perilous for us, or other drivers.

2. Distracted while driving

Many of us are too addicted to our phones. They answer the phone and talk while driving. Some are even skilled enough to text their friends while driving. This seldom results in good. When driving, keep your phone on mute and concentrate wholly on the road and the traffic. If it is urgent, pull over and pick the call. Start driving only after you hang up.

3. Drunk driving

Drunk driving is probably the worst mistake any one can ever make. Driving when you are drunk is almost guaranteed to turn fatal for you and the others on the road. Have the sense to call a taxi when you are drunk. Don’t let you family and others pay for your mistakes.

Always check your vehicle before driving and while driving obey traffic rules. Being late or “cool” is no excuse to not follow rules. Never forget or refuse to wear helmet while riding two-wheeler vehicles. Be responsible, be safe.

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