Top 5 Ways to Get Pulled Over By the Cops

A joke about Indians following safety rules goes,” Indians wear helmet not for the safety but to save money when caught by police officers.” Unfortunately, some do not even mind paying fines or bribes, when caught without wearing helmets or breaking traffic rules.

Well, you may have heard or read many such jokes about Indian traffic! Although, most of those speak about the utter lack of respect for traffic rules and how people indulge in rash and wild driving! Sadly, it requires commitment, seriousness from both drivers and the traffic police to ensure that rules of safety are followed, as rash and wild driving not only jeopardizes the driver and his vehicles but many other lives on the road.

Indians have acquired the reputation of lawbreakers, especially while driving, and come up with new and innovative ways to give the police an opportunity to pullover and warn them for not following traffic safety rules.

Here are the top 5 ways Indians get Pulled over by Cops:

Over speeding: They say, speed thrills but it kills, so the roads urge you to go gentle and slow on them. If you are driving at speeds higher than normal, it becomes difficult for you to react and take appropriate steps in case of an unexpected event on the road. If you see a vehicle or a person coming in the opposite direction, at higher speeds you may not be able to control or take the right step. So remember safety on roads leads to safe tea at home!

Cellphone Usage while driving: Driving requires undivided attention, and talking on the phone while driving will lead to a distractions and divided attention on driving, which might result in accidents at times even fatal accidents. You had better avoid answering calls while driving or the police could pull you over.

Equipment: Not following traffic safety in terms of equipment usage such as wearing helmet or seat belt is one of the top reasons cops pull you over. Many consider wearing seat belts is an inconvenience, but ignore the fact that they protect you in case of accidents.

Jumping Signals: The colors of traffic signals indicate drivers to take a certain action, so if you see red color you have to stop, if you jump signal you invite traffic police attention and will be pulled over.

Rash Driving: Well, if you drive wildly without any respect for traffic on the roads or the traffic rules police suspect something wrong, you may be drunk, or on the run, etc., and may pull you over.

Well, these are some of the reasons you could get pulled over, and it is better not to break laws which might result in you being pulled over by cops for any of these reasons.

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