Top 6 Tips To Reverse a Car Safely | Drivekool

When a car is reversed from its original position it becomes a cautious zone for three
-The driver
-The people who share the area
-The sidewalk using users i.e motorists, cyclists, pedestrians.

The important 6 points to remember while reversing the car safely:
1. Your vehicle reverse path must be clear without any hindrance.
2. Considering the inner aspect of the vehicle: primarily checking aspects are the back view
clearance, seat adjustments, mirror adjustments, wear your seat belt, following these the engine has
to be started. Then side clearance must be verified.
3. At the same time the brake has to be pedaled preventing abnormal moving of the vehicle; place
the transferral gear in reverse.
4. Check for your reverse view clearance manually and place your left hand on the wheel.
5. Reverse your car slowly releasing the brake pedal gradually with automatic transmission helps
you to control on your speed just by pedaling brake.
6. The car face can be turned forward once you have completely stopped.

Always proper and safe reverse will ensure safe life:
The most commonly affected group is the children without proper checking of the path there are
thousands of fatal issues recorded because of reversing the car. In present-day situation camera at
the back has become the standard feature. Though it is not a recommended safety step like the
previous ones, can be used for your conscious safety assurance for the people moving in and around
your vehicle.

It is better you keep your vehicle updated with regular service and maintenance with not much of
cost instead avoid issues.

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