Tyre Pressure And Wheel Alignment

Tyre pressure is an important responsibility when you own a car. It is vital that your car has the correct tyre pressure as it is required to carry the weight of your car and its load. It leads to safer driving and also improves braking power. Incorrect tyre pressure also disturbs the tyre alignment of your car along with fuel efficiency.

Tyre alignment/ wheel alignment involves putting your car wheels at perpendicular angles to the ground and parallel to each other. Having your tyres properly aligned, you can increase your tyre life and keep the maneuvering abilities of your car better on the road. Your vehicle’s suspension is adjusted to maintain a proper tyre alignment. It affects how tyres make contact with the road.

The following are the signs of misaligned tyres:

  • The tyre wear is uneven on either side of the car. The thread of one tyre would be more worn out than the other.
  • The car has decreased maneuvering abilities. It veers to one side.
  • The steering wheel is off the center while driving straight.
  • The steering wheel might vibrate while driving.

In case you are facing any of the issues, you should get your wheels aligned by a professional. It shall improve your fuel efficiency and give your tyres a longer life along with ensuring a smoother drive.

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