Warranters of Law and Road Safety

Rules are one set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity. Rules and conduct are bestowed upon all of us since a very early age, to control of or dominion over us. It keeps one disciplined and the environment healthy. In the growing era of development, and the era of rush one often forgets about road safety and regulations.

The role of a Traffic Officer is to undertake general traffic and road management. They have warranted law employees of the police force who implement rules and regulations on the road and keep the traffic disciplined as well as the environment healthy. They undertake road management tasks, allowing the police greater time to concentrate on protective services. Traffic Officers do not have enforcement powers and their vehicles are not classed as emergency vehicles but they assist the emergency vehicles to deal with serious incidents. They minimize disruption on the roads and provide a safe and timely response to incidents. They deal with routine incidents including non-injury road traffic collisions.

They organize routine checks of various documents and permits issued for a vehicle and impose fines to place a check on them. The Traffic Police in India has also taken up to control pollution levels and other environmental as well as social hazards by organizing demonstrations and spreading awareness on social and environmental factors being affected. There have often been demonstrations where the Traffic Police have used Gandhian Principles like offering flowers and praying to traffic offenders in order to wake their conscience, spread awareness and direct the public to follow rules.

They discharge their services to the public irrespective of the weather or climatic conditions directing and diverting the traffic and assisting motorists with the safety on the roads. Their role in road safety has limitless extent.

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