Traffic jams in Bangalore – Some tips to handle it!!

“Traffic congestion in the garden city is making it very difficult for its citizens to reach the gardens”

Traffic jam at Koramangala sony world signal, Bangalore

The traffic problems in the garden city today is turning out to be the real can of worms for its citizens to reach anywhere within stipulated time frame. According to the survey conducted by The Times of India by global market research agency Synovate states that, “the biggest reason for traffic jams is the bad roads, followed closely by poor traffic management and lack of proper infrastructure like flyovers. Indisciplined drivers were also seen as significant reason for the traffic jams”. What is even more surprising in the report is that the rating of the city’s administration efforts to improve the traffic is a mere 3.23 on 10! And this is definitely a matter of concern because despite making an all-out effort to address this raising concern, it sounds like that the administration cannot hold a candle when it comes to addressing traffic jams. But the inefficiency of the city’s administration is not the only reason for traffic jams in Bangalore; another big culprit is the incredible uncivilized stupidity of people, and this does not include only cabbies or Auto Rickshaw drivers but the so called “educated” people also do heroic stunts, blocking traffic for others in their self-righteous, overzealous attempt to get in front of everyone else to save seconds, which does not really matter.

“Indisciplined drivers are one of the significant reasons for traffic congestion”

IMG_7495 1
Domlur Signal, Bangalore

I think its high time now and we all need to understand our responsibility of following the traffic rules and inculcate a positive driving culture and proper road sense whether we are on driving a vehicle or just walking on the road. This post is just an attempt to motivate everybody to believe in the system and follow the rules. Take the bull by the horns and set an example, we Indians are good historically, we just need good examples and we will follow them. So let’s begin with respecting traffic rules & regulations. We should never try to outsmart these since they are there for a reason. I am going to step out and hope to see people of Namma Bengaluru do their bit.

Be safe and drive safe!!


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2 thoughts on “Traffic jams in Bangalore – Some tips to handle it!!

  • August 2, 2018 at 4:24 am

    Dear Sir
    It is taking two hours daily to reach to Indira Nagar from Owner’s court , Central Jail Road, Kashavanhalli even we start at 7:30 am. The reasons are cement mixture plant, heavy trucks and wrong parking of school buses. And down line captured by autos and cabs cause traffic jam.
    We can easily improve traffic at least by 20%-30% by making rule of no-entry for heavy vehicle in peak hours.
    Request you to consider my suggestion.


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