What do driving examiners look for?

A learner’s license is essential to obtain a permanent license. It can only be obtained after clearing the driving test. During a practical driving test, the examiner is looking to make sure a test candidate carries out all required driving skills consistently without prompting. The test candidate must have knowledge of the controls and should fulfill the below criteria:

  • One must be able to start the engine safely without assistance. If any steering column lock is engaged, one must know how to disengage it. Make sure the handbrake is engaged and neutral gear is selected before you start the engine.
  • All controls such as the foot pedals, gear stick must be handled smoothly. One should make proper use of the controls without having to look at them and use them smoothly.
  • An understanding of the function of all controls and switches, especially those related to road safety without having to look down at them.
  • An even and progressive braking should be demonstrated. There should be no locking of wheels. The candidate must understand the stopping distance owing to the weather condition and the terrain.
  • The reverse should be executed under full control and with reasonable accuracy. Good all round observation is essential. One must calculate all aspects before executing the reverse parking. One must be able to park correctly in a reasonable distance and under full control.
  • Mirrors should be used regularly and the test candidate must be aware of the presence of others in their blind spots.
  • One should know all the signs and signals and should be responsive to each of them.
  • One should have knowledge of the road signs and markings and should respond to each of them.
  • One must be careful about the use of proper speed and a safe distance from the vehicle ahead in all conditions.

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