What makes a Smart Driver?

Every one of us thinks he is a good driver because he has never been late for something, even in the biggest of traffic jams. Being a good driver is really important if one has to drive on Indian roads, but we must also think about the safety and comfort of others who use the road, along with our own. That is the foremost duty of a smart driver. Here are a few things that you must always do when you are driving to be a “smart” driver-

  1. Drive in the speed limit- Do not drive faster than allowed on a road. The limit is set for a reason.
  2. Follow traffic rules- Always follow traffic rules and lights. Do not jump traffic lights as it can result in a big accident for you or someone else.
  3. Use signals- Always use signals while slowing down or turning on the road. If you turn, change lanes or shift speed without indicating, the drivers around you might not be able to react properly and it surely will end badly.
  4. Park wisely- Always park your car in a parking lot. If you are at a market or any other place with no parking lot, park far from the road where your car does not disturb the flow of traffic.
  5. Do not disturb- Do not disturb other drivers by honking your horn too frequently. Do not overtake or try to pull off stunts on the road.
  6. Maintain your vehicle- Get your vehicle serviced in time and check regularly for wear and tear of parts.
  7. Keep all documents updated- Always keep all your vehicle documents like vehicle registration and insurance and driving license updated and with you.

Follow these tips to be a smart driver and responsible user of the road.

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