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To improve and develop safe and well-organized driving the traffic signals are
placed all over the road. It is to comfort pedestrians and control the traffic. If
the signals are not there pedestrians may find it difficult to complete their
work on time. Even to cross a street it might consume a lot of time.

The History
In 1914, on the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street in Cleveland,
Ohio the signals were used. From the 19th century, the signals had green and
red color on the train, thus even the road signals got the same colors.

Colors of traffic signal
In general, it is Red, Green, Yellow. Let us check out what each light and
symbol indicates. What must be done when we see the blinking of yellow light
and red arrow marks indicates.

Checklist and act accordingly:
Red Signal is Flashed for: At the junction of two or more roads a traffic signal is
a must and at that time the red light denotes stop or pause. This indicates
safety. Just to stop, this symbol is not given so some additional information is
tuck in emphasizing more benefits. The train signals also use this red signal to
caution the opponent train that is nearing.
Yellow Signal is Flashed for: The forward move can be proceeded but with
careful eyes on every surrounding incident.
Green Arrow Signal is Flashed for: When the pointing is towards the upward
direction it means to march forward in the straight direction. If the right then
people turning in the right can carry on. If the driver intends to turn left then
that can be done accordingly; the vehicle can be moving in the direction shown
and traveling are the same.

Red Arrow Signal appears: this indicates you to hold on until the green signal
appears and blinks.

Red Arrow Flashing on the traffic: It is a ‘stop sign’ this is to ensure that the
path at the crosswalk is free and clear for the pedestrians, vehicles, and other
potential hazards. The driver can proceed further if the path is clear.

Right turn when the red light is seen must be carried forward only if the speed
is minimal and standardized gait speed is followed.
Pedestrian safety needs to be ensured and is a must. It includes children, adult
and old ages.

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