What to See When Buying a Used Vehicle

People are afraid of being cheated when buying used cars. Although we might feel it safer to buy a new car, sometimes we get better deals on old ones. But we don’t pay heed to them due to our fears. When you are thinking of buying a car, check the following things in a used car and there is no way you will regret buying it-

  1. The Engine- The engine is the most important part of the car. When checking a used car, get a closer look at the engine to make sure it does not have any wear and tear. It is advisable to take a mechanic with you who can inspect the engine carefully.
  2. The Parts- Make sure all the parts are in good condition. Check the lights, horn, brakes, gear stick, steering, meters etc to make sure all is good. You can take a test drive of the car and check whether all the parts are working properly.
  3. The Documents- Check all the documents of the vehicle carefully. This includes the registration card, insurance papers, pollution certificate etc. Do not buy a car without even one document no matter how great the deal is. Always buy a car from an authorised dealer.
  4. The Price- Set your budget and search for a car accordingly. Look wherever you can to get the best offer, and don’t hesitate to bargain.

After you have finalised the deal comes the final step, getting the registration of the vehicle transferred to your name. This process can take very long. So, to save yourself the trouble contact DriveKool and let us worry about it. Just submit the documents online, pay the fee and visit the RTO once where our executive will get your work done fast and smooth. Then your registration documents will be delivered to your address in 20-25 days and you can enjoy your new vehicle.

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