Why Automobile Companies should tie-up with Drivekool for RTO services

One of the legends of our time, great innovator Steve Jobs of Apple Computers once said,

“Get close to your customers, so close to them that you tell them what they need next, even before they realize that.”

Businesses understand providing a great customer experience is the best competitive advantage for them! Many businesses in the modern days offer plethora of value added services to impress their customers showing their care for their customers, which helps businesses, build long-term relationship with customers.

Automobile companies are among the leading businesses to offer such value added services to their customers.

How would your customer feel if you offer all the value added services, especially the ones that involve working with government agencies requiring lot of paperwork and running around the offices, at the automobile dealership?

Well that is impressive isn’t it?

As an automobile company or a dealer you may already be offering such value add to your customer. You may offer to help with registration of the new vehicle by referring an RTO agent registered with you.

Working with a single independent RTO agent may not be the ideal solution, as your customers may need more options. Your customers may not like the agent you recommend or there may be issues with that agent, in any of these cases, it is better to have a network of agents to help your customers with any RTO related works.

Drivekool, the online car driving classes booking system, is listening to you, and so it is offering exactly what you need. With the help of their wide network of RTO consultants, they can help you with any imaginable RTO work your customers need completed.

Whether your customers’ need new vehicle registration, or transfer of ownership of the old vehicle, driver’s license the carefully shortlisted RTO agents on Drivekool’s website can offer professional and reliable service to your customer.

Drivekool carefully verifies the professional credentials of the RTO agents before listing them on their website.  Knowledge of RTO works, professional behavior, customer service levels etc., are some of the factors that these agents outrank others to find a place on the booking system website. With so much care taken to verify and list the RTO consultants, you as automobile dealers can refer these agents to your customers without any hesitation.

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