Why Car Loses Power While Driving? Causes That You Must Know!

At times your car loses power while accelerating or driving, and there can numerous reasons for the

1. Dilapidated spark plugs – The main work of the spark plug is to transmit an electric signal
from the ignition coil to the combustion chamber. Also, the combustion of the engine relies
on the spark plugs of the vehicle. After this process spark plugs ignite the mixture of fuel and
air. So if the spark plugs are faulty the electrical engine does not reach the engine properly
and so the car does not reach the desired acceleration.

2. Level of Compression – If there is low compression in the engine; due to insufficient power
accelerating will be a problem. At times low compression can be cause ignition problem in
the engine.

3. Defective fuel pump – the fuel pump can also be one of the major causes for power lose. If
ever you feel that your car has not powered while accelerating then this indicates some
problem in the fuel pump. The major work of the fuel pump is to supply fuel in the gas tank
for the combustion of the engine. Additionally, it also accommodates by regulating the
pressure of the fuel in the engine. So if there is no proper coordination in the above
activities then the car will experience power lose.

4. Damaged Air Filter – The air filter basically keeps all the dirt and flies away from entering
the chamber. The car will lose power while driving in the air filter is damaged.

5. Clogged exhaust pipe- The exhaust pipe has two filters mainly muffler and catalyst, the
catalyst reduces pollution and the muffler reduces the noise pollution. So if by any reason
the exhaust pipe remains clogged then there would be power lose.

6. Damaged Ignition coil- If the ignition coil is damaged then there will be an improper mixture
of fuel and air. Hence a faulty one will not be able to produce ignition properly

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