Why Drinking and Driving Seem To Be a Cult

Drinking and driving, the premium cause of the deaths in accidents these days accounts for more than one-third of all the reasons responsible for the accidents. Drinking and driving is a menace, which needs to be curbed from the society at the earliest.

But, these days it seems as to be developed like a culture. The fake belief of looking “Cool” and “Daring” is what driving most of the teenagers and youth towards this culture. Most of the people, who are found responsible for accidents in a case of drinking and driving, later revealed that, they had no strong intentions of hurting anyone, but they just did. The people lose the control over their senses and then the most terrifying events occur leaving himself physically traumatize and beloveds remorseful.

Why is this turning into a culture?

When drinking and driving is such an awful thing to do, then why is it not still getting off from the society? Why people are still found drunk after an accident? Why still the largest contributors to the accident cases are the drunk drivers?

Well, the reason is pretty simple because they want to show off their courage. But, is it a right way to do so? For sure it is not. The ferocity is not in showing how you can manage even while drunk; it is in safe keeping with us as well as others. The driving is the artwork that needs perfection as well as attention at the same time. Even the most trained ones may commit mistakes if not paying attention to the minute details.

The prime reason of the conversion of this awful measure to a culture is only the fact that we do not want to think about it, and just want to show off in a way or the other. Lack of proper guidance of the elders and not-so-strict laws are boosting up this culture to a great extent. Very famous among youth, drinking and driving is considered as a token of bravery. Don’t get fallen to such a stupidity because it may sound interesting and a high-adrenaline experience, but it surely is not. At least, not for you, your family and the other paddler or driver, who can be the victim of your audacity.

Don't Drink And Drive

The statics, which proves a lot:

In the last ten years, the traffic has risen up many fold. With the number of vehicles rising on the roads, it is pretty usual to see the hefty traffic on roads round the clock. The traffic movement at any hour of the night is also making the situation worst. One of the main reasons for the same is drinking and driving.

In the last few decades, the statistics predicts, how drinking and driving have been one-third of the cause of the accident.

Every year, the toll of the deaths is increasing and so is the percentage of such cases in such claims. Drinking and driving is shown to be more prevalent in youths as they are considered to be high-risk takers and adventurous. The two-third of the percentages of the people accused of drinking and driving are youths between the ages of seventeen to twenty five.

Where did it start and who are influenced?

The culture of drink and drive has been adopted unskillfully from the west via media, social networking sites, Hollywood movies, and the various other sources. We do not use our common sense while copying and do it instantly. This is the prime reason of turning this awful problem into such a big culture and a reputation measure mark. Some of the people are highly influenced by their favorite stars, while a lot of them do it on peer pressure.

Youths are the most affected ones by this culture, although they are also responsible to set such trends, but at some points, this has been converted to reputation mark. The dangerous accidents are being committed due to a meager negligence and the results are petrifying. Not only the passengers and the drivers get affected or killed, rather an innumerable number of people are attached to every one of us.Drinking and Driving Role ModelHow can this culture be demolished:

This culture is not as easy to remove as it sounds, this is deeply intertwined in one way or the other; for some it is a way they want to drive and do not want interference in what they do. Thus, strict actions need to be taken, this can only be achieved if both the government and people come altogether and work for a single purpose. Its always least expensive to address the problem at the source and hence the role of those who train new drivers becomes even more important, they are the ones who could actually implant the safe driving practices while the person is learning driving.  Besides this drivers need to understand their responsibility and the government should pass some of the very strict laws against drinking and driving.

Oh yes, last but not least, if you you have to drink then go ahead but then hire a driver who could safely take you back to your place .



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