Why Parking Could Be A Harder For Learner Drivers?

Parking your vehicle a two-wheeler or especially a four-wheeler is a daunting task for many new, as well as experienced drivers. Many License issuing authorities recognize this fact, and therefore, they specifically test this aspect of driver’s ability parallel parking, reverse parking, etc., while issuing driver’s license.

Parking is an important skill that all drivers must master, as once you reach your destination you have to park the vehicle safely and without causing, inconvenience to other vehicles.

Close to 50% of the learning drivers, admit that parking is difficult to learn. Driving school; instructors say, even the experienced drivers fail to park their vehicle perfectly.  Especially, women learners have a tough time learning how to park vehicle properly.

Why is Parking Harder for Learner Drivers

Parking makes even the experienced driver nervous; one can imagine the learner drivers’ difficulties when they have to park their vehicle in the tight spaces. The very nature of parking Parallel parking, reverse parking, Hill parking sound scary to learners who just started learning to drive car.

Well, to begin with, you have small tight spaces to drive your car into when parking, as against you have the full road to drive when you are in motion. Next, you have to maneuver the car back and forth so you adjust the car within that short space, which frustrates many learner drivers, especially. Parking your car requires you to pay more attention to your surroundings by looking around, which is difficult for learner drivers.

Finally, you need to guess the space required and the space available for your car so you can smoothly drive your car into the available space, inexperienced drivers may not be able to guess the required space correctly. Nervousness, anxiety, inability to control speeds also makes parking difficult task for learner driver, as against experienced drivers.

How Can Learner drivers get Comfortable with Parking

Parking is a must have skill if you are to learn to drive car, as it is one of the components you will be tested while granting your driving license. Therefore, you need to figure out a way to control anxiety, put down nervousness and learn to park correctly. Practice a lot, have your basics right, keep an eye on the surroundings, speed under control, estimate the space correctly and you can park successfully.

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