Your All in One Vehicle Partner

We, at DriveKool make it our foremost responsibility to provide the best for you and your vehicle, so that your life goes on smoothly, without any breakdowns. For this, we strive to do everything that you need to keep your vehicle running well. The following is the list of vehicle services that we provide-

  1. Driving Classes- If you are looking for a good driving school that is close to your home, let us do it for you. DriveKool shows you the best, certified driving schools near you. You can enrol in the school of your choice with minimal fee and choose the timing of your classes according to your convenience.
  2. RTO Services- DriveKool offers assistance in all your RTO needs. Whether it is license renewal, transfer of ownership, or applying for international license; just contact us and we will do your work for you. With us, you don’t have to wait in any line, and your work will be done in the least time possible.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance- We have recently started vehicle servicing, repair, cleaning and wash services as well. You just need to select your vehicle type and model, and choose the work that you want done. We offer quality repair and services, at unbeatable prices so that your vehicle is well tuned, without a big hole in your pocket.

We are soon going to start tours and travel services as well. It is the support and trust of our wonderful clients that keeps us going, for which we are forever grateful. If you have not tried our services yet, choose us the next time you have any work related to your vehicle or the RTO and enjoy our unprecedented service. We ensure quick and authentic services, at minimal prices, because we aim at making your life easier.

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