Clearance Certificate

Clearance certificate is required when you are doing cross RTO jurisdiction transactions. Such as registering a vehicle that you bought in different RTO and not in the same RTO where it was registered earlier. The clearance certificate must be issued by home RTO. Based on the clearance certificate Local RTO officers will perform certain tasks to complete and issues the clearance certificate. Once complete verification process done only you will get clearance certificate.

Getting clerance certificate with the help of our professional at RTO office made easy. Service related complete information and the assistance from the day one to till the completion of Clearance certificate of car & bike process we will provide assistance. All you have to do is just follow the process mentioned below and just relax. We will take care of everything and we do the process in transparent way.

For service related queries or any other similar issues we provide complete assistance. We are professional in doing any RTO office works in a proper way. We give complete guidance and assistance to the customer on any service related queries.

Steps to get Clearance Certificate:

  • Submit your documents online
  • Pay Drivekool service charge online
  • Get your RC within 10 working days

How many days it takes to get this done?

15 Days

Does customer have to go to RTO?


Number of visits you will have to make to RTO?


Documents Required

  • RC Book Original
  • Insurance Copy
  • PUC Certificate
  • Tax Copy
  • NOC
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