Learner license + Driving license

Getting driving license is not just a simple thing in India, especially in Karnataka. The rules and regulations meant for driving license are typical and by following all the rules and regulations only people will get the driving license on time. All these rules and regulations are for the sake of safety while driving a vehicle.

Having good experience in procedures and rules to be followed by the applicant who needs a driving license we will provide complete information about the procedure to get the driving license by following RTO rules and regulations

Drivekool provides complete assistance to the applicants who go for driving license. In the first case applicant needs to follow the documentation process with the help of drivekool professional. We will give complete guidance about the documentation and the procedure.

Steps to get Learner license + Driving license:

  • Submit your documents online
  • Pay Drivekool service charge online
  • Visit RTO and meet Drivekool executive
  • Complete learning License process
    • Road sign test(System based or Verbal)
    • Complete your biometric test
  • Get your learning within 7 working days from Drivekool service provider.
  • Wait for min 31 days to initiate the process of driving license.(learning license validity 6 months)
  • Contact Drivekool service provider for DL test and Visit RTO
  • Complete driving License process in RTO
    • Vehicle driving test in front of inspector with the help of Drivekool executive
    • Get your DL within 45-60 working days via post


How many tests applicant need to give to pass by the applicant in whole process?

There are three tests applicants will have to give:

  • Online road sign test (Symbols & sign based)
  • Biometric test
  • Driving test

Can i drive with learner driving license?

Once given process is completed applicant will get a 6 months valid learner driving license. With this copy applicant can drive a vehicle, but should have an expert driving license holder beside to the applicant.

When will i get driving license?

After completion of 30days duration from the day learner license, applicant can approach drivekool person to go for driving test. Once the driving test completes successfully, then the applicant will get driving license by post to their residence.

How many days it takes to get this done?

55-70 Working Days

Does customer have to go to RTO?


Number of visits you will have to make to RTO?


Documents Required

  • Age Proof
  • Local address proof
  • Permanent address proof
  • Passport size photograph
  • Customer signature on white paper
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